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Sonic - The RAV4 Build Thread

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Whats up everyone! Hopefully this is in the right section, didn't see a "build thread" section. Anyways I picked up a 2020 RAV4 LE AWD that I'll be using as a daily driver/ road trip warrior. Also have a 2012 Tundra, but it has a drinking problem lol. Here is Sonic the day I picked it up next to my Tundra (Shadow), pretty excited to start making it my own. If yall want to follow a bit more day to day stuff in the garage, check me out on Instagram @power.up.garage

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Loving the build, keep it up! Tow hitch is one of my next mods as well
Thanks!! Waiting for a deal on some wheels and tires, steelies aren't my favorite lol. Are you doing the oem one or aftermarket?
Looking to go with the OEM one, don't want to lose any ground clearance so oem is the way to go.
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