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sound under the car or IN MY HEAD !

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Hi everyone !

listen to this :

do you ear the (drrr Drrrr) sound

it might come in the rear under the car ... at low speed on bumpy road.

I went to the DEALER (toyota)
we took a road test ... and the guy said its the shock that was working
They did not ear nor see anything abnormal under the car ...
The shocks are new.

Do you ear the sound ? :mad:
is it in my head ? :confused:
is it NORMAL ? :doh:

next step ... go to another dealer !
that DRRR is driving me crazy !!

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Sorry, I can't hear anything. Except for the voices in my head! :surprise

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at least do you hear the drrr ??

if you ear the drrr and its normal, well i will do like ELSA do and let it go ... !

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Apart from normal road noise, in this recording it sounds like there is something which is loose and rattling, but it seems more like it is inside rather than somewhere on the exterior. Are the jack and tools tightly secured?

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i have already remove:

the spare
the jack
the tools
the cargo cover
kids seats
pull rear seat at max
push rear seat at max ...

always same toc toc ...

This sound appears after rear shocks intall !
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