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Hello, I am wondering if anyone from southern California has done the TSB T-SB-0107-19
For the transmission lurching/jerking issue. If you can please list the dealership you went to, if it was successful after the update, and how long was the wait time?

I have a 2019 XLE FWD, Canadian built. I get about 34mpg highway, and 27 city. Its the stop-and-go issue like some others are experiencing. It jerks pretty violently from a slight rolling stop. I have a busy schedule and am reluctant to be a guinea pig for the dealers; this TSB is barley a month old, so I'm sure dealers dont have much experience with it yet, if at all.

I have been following the other threads regarding this TSB, it seems to have fixed or improved the issue for the most part for most people so thats good news.

So I would greatly appreciate it your input, thank you all in advance!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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