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Speed sensitive intermittent radio

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This is probably the strangest thing I've ever heard from a car stereo. My wife's car recently started experiencing a speed sensitive radio wobble.

Regardless of what she's listening to, FM/AM, CD or Aux input it all sounds the same. If the radio is on and the car is not moving, then there's no sound OR the radio works perfectly. Then you move maybe 3 feet and the stereo volume turns off. As one accelerates this cycle increases and the radio sound comes in and out faster, like an intermittent bad ground but without the bad ground whine. Is there some other device on the same circuit that could be effecting the radio? I'm totally clueless. Has anyone experienced this?? Please help and thanks.
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My wifes car, 2007 RAV4 limited, 2.4L 4cylinder just started doing the same thing. It is not engine speed related, but vehicle speed. I also got the sound to go on and off by moving 2-3 feet. It just increased the on-off frequency when you travel faster. I can sit in one place, have it in neutral and gun the engine with no affect. It only happens when the car is moving. It is almost like a square wave of turning on and off, when you get going fast enough it is like it almost gets better. I don't know if she has ASL. I will look for it. Any other suggestions out there?

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On the back of the head unit, one of the plugs has a purple wire. This is the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) signal. I would think that disconnecting the purple wire would solve this problem.
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