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Wanted a folding bed platform to make the Spirit of Adventure more versatile without having to add a rooftop tent.
Whole thing folds up into the trunk space, with room for a backpack or two atop the platform. Minimal underneath storage; two jackets, spare nalgen, and a small blanket stuffed under in pic.
Car Plant Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Can be unfolded without opening the hatch (I've got it open here for illumination for the pics). Designed to fold in on itself to minimize cargo impact.
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Lift up the "front" (towards nose of vehicle) and the main second panel flips forward. Lift until clear of subframe.
Automotive tire Plant Wood Cat Automotive exterior

Third panel/Headrest with wings folds up tight against the second panel.
Textile Shade Wood Rectangle Grass

Flop out the wings, and fold out the head rest, then lower down the platform.
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Flaps/ears on headrest can be folded for clearance or laid out for final sleeping position.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design

All joints are faced to maximize rigidity. 3/4inch ply ensures even us huskier dudes get no flex. At 5'10" I barely have to
nudge up the seats to fit it deployed.
Car Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior

Toss my camping pad on there, and we got a roadtrip warrior. Longer folks could make the headrest section wider and move the seats more forward.

Car Vehicle Grille Hood Plant

One sheet 3/4" ply, 1 2x6.
Removable folding bed platform.

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Nice! Always love seeing people modify stuff to make it fit their needs.
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