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Hello all,

As the weather has made a turn for the better (hopefully) here in the Northeast, I had a chance to give my rav a thorough washing and inspection.

1) rust on tube step - I have some rust stains (vs. rust flakes) near and around the rubber grips/pads on the tube step.
- what can I use to remove the stains?
- can I remove the rubber pads so that I can clean the tube thoroughly?

2) road grime on plastic trim and bumper - brown and black spots that are quite difficult to remove.
- my trim is plastic, and I know that there are grime removers for painted surfaces, I don't know if there are for plastic surfaces?
- there's quite a lot of grime on there specially on areas closer to the ground, I don't know if its even worth being thorough about cleaning them.

Thanks, all. Good luck on all your after-winter cleanings.
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