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This is my first post on a issue that i just cant seem to figure out

I have a 99 Rav 4 with about 280K on it and recently i starting having problem starting it when it and when it does start when i put it into reverse it wants to stall out. No problem if you put it in to Drive and go.

The only way i found to not have it stall and start up every time is to put the key in and put it into the start position and wait about 15-20 sec and then start it. Then no issue with starting and reverse It seems to get worse when its wet outside.

Checked and replaced the spark plugs and wires. No codes thrown when it does stall out. No soft codes found stored in it either. Cleaned the throttle body and the MAF sensor as well and no change.

Any help and ideas on what it could be? Crankshaft position sensor or possible fuel pump issue?

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