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Starting Issues. Needs some diagnostics help please! (Rav4 nrg 2003 D4D -Diesel 115k miles)

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Hi all. New to the forum, what a fantastic resource! Have been reading for hours to find similar issues than mine but so far nothing. Maybe you can suggest something.

Here are the facts; Been having some No Crank, No Start issues recently. Particularly now that it's gotten colder, but that could just be an coincidence. The problem is definitely worse in the morning. After a long drive it starts better...

When I say No Crank, No Start, I mean the starter wont turn the engine. I hear the solenoid click (?) but it wont turn. After 2 or 3 goes of the ignition it does eventually cranks and the engine starts almost immediately. The number of times I have to use the ignition seems pretty random.

Here's what I've tried and observed:
  • The engine 'glow plug' light comes on for 1-3 seconds when the ignition is turned, as expected. Then goes off.
  • I can hear a relay click after about 8-10 seconds of ignition On.
  • When I turn the ignition to start I can hear the Starter click, but it wont crank initially...
  • I've replaced the glow plugs as this was my first assumption, but the same thing is happening.
  • I tested the old glow plugs and none of them has any resistance (1-2 ohm) on them. So I assume they were are all dead. Is that possible?
  • I haven't checked the voltage at the glow plugs, I understand there is a fuse for them. I assume the Glow Plug dash indicator is reading them as working.
  • Neutral Safety system: I'm a bit unsure about this one, but I understand this could prevent the starter from turning. My Rav is manual and I CAN start it without the clutch being pressed. So not sure if this is installed in my model?
  • Immobilizer: My immobiliser works by cutting out the fuel pump. I know this because I've tried starting with the wrong key. The starter turns, but there's no fuel, so not an immobilizer issue.

I guess my question is, does this sound like a faulty starter? Would hate to spend the money, to not resolve this issue.

Thank you for all input.

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Welcome. This is primarily a North American forum and we have no diesel Toyotas here at all, none. You might want to try here:


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Welcome. This is primarily a North American forum and we have no diesel Toyotas here at all, none. You might want to try here:

Oh no! Thanks, will give it a go.
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