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This is a weird one and my local garage are unable to identify an obvious fault with any U/Js or other suspension components on my 3 door 1999 RAV4.

When turning left the steering is very heavy (turning right is fine), but this is intermittent. After driving for a while it can go back to normal and then suddenly become heavy again. Most obvious when cold or having stood for (say) half an hour. Plenty of fluid in the P/S reservoir, no obvious leaks.

The garage has put the car up on the ramp and can't find what's causing the problem - in fact it seems to behave itself just fine when the wheels are off the ground. They (unfortuntately) don't have the equipment to be able to test the pressure coming from the pump.

It had a brand new steering rack about 12 months ago.

Has anyone else experienced this? Appreciate any pointers.

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