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Hi, I'm new and I've been searching around. I'm trying to get some help with getting the Steering Wheel controls to work with this 2012 Rav4. It's got a Pioneer AVH400-NEX headunit in it that was installed before the purchase of this car. So when I bought the Axxess adapter, and the plug and play adapter, but once we got behind the dash I do not see a 24 pin connector to plug into, a bunch of cut wires, I found a small 22 pin connector which looks similar to what the Axxess adapter instructions mentions, but the pin numbers don't match up. I was wondering if anyone has pictures, wire colors, or wiring diagrams of what I should be looking for in order to install this?

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2012 did use a different stereo than the 06-11 models so i dont know if that would play into should post pics of these cut wires as the previous owner may have hacked your rav all up...

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Could be that the head unit is only connected with the standard power/speaker harness, and not also with the steering control harness.
Could also be that something is disconnected or came loose. Some pic's would indeed help.

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I'll have to try and grab better pictures. Here's two pictures I took initially, I forgot I had taken them initially. Haven't had time to go back and pull the thing back apart.

IMAG0050(1) on Flickr

IMAG0049(1) on Flickr

Gonna have to get out the multimeter and start tracing wires, maybe I can narrow some down, either that or I might have to take the steering wheel apart so I can trace those wires over behind the headunit. Does anyone have better instructions on connecting the Axxess adapter? The instructions are so vauge in the way that it says to use pins 4,8 on the ASC1, then it gives me 3 pin number references which I assume is the wire that I would be connecting from the car to the ASC1. So I'm assuming the first Reference pin would go to pin 4 on the ASC1, the second wire goes to pin 8 on the ASC1, and then the ground would obviously just be to ground.

Edit: Does anyone happen to have a diagram or picture of the factory 28 pin connector from the 2012 model? If I could get a picture or diagram of that, I could probably figure out the couple of wires that need to be connected. Also there are these two extra wires that come from the Axxess TOY28SWC adapter, they are this solid light green(or teal) wire and then a green/purple wire. The directions sheet gives no indication as to where those are supposed to go.

Edit2: Ok, So looking at my pictures more and I keep studying some of the info I've been able to find on the forums I think I've narrowed down a couple things. First off I found this:
On the 28-pin connector, the reverse signal is on pin #2 - Red Wire.
The VSS Signal is Purple on Pin # 17

Complete Pin-Out is Below for the 28-pin Connector

2- Reverse Signal (Red Wire)
4- Overhead Microphone (MACC) Black
5- Overhead Microphone (MIN+) White
6- Ground (SNS2) Black/White
11- Stereo Jack (AGND)
17- Vehicle Speed Sensor (Violet Wire)
18- Overhead Microphone (MIN-) Red
19- Overhead Microphone (SGND)
21- Steering Wheel Switch (SW1) White
22- Steering Wheel Switch (SW2) Red
23- Steering Wheel Switch (SWG) Black
25- Stereo Jack (AUXI) Red
26- Stereo Jack (ARI) White
27- Stereo Jack (ASGN) Red
28- Stereo Jack (ALI) Black
Some of this matches us at least as far as I can figure to the TOY28SWC adapter, but a few of the pins seem off, but I've seen people had success, but I don't think this matters too much anymore seeing as I'll just end up butchering this connector. Also looking at my pictures and from what I can remember, in the first picture you can see there are those two wrapped bundles of what I believe was three wires. I'm assuming one of them is the red/white/black for the aux input on the center console and I believe the other is the red/white/black for the steering wheel input. It would make the most sense as they're bundled together. I'll have a chance later this week to try messing with it more. It's the girlfriend's vehicle. So as usual, if anyone has any pictures, or input, it would be appreciated.
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