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Strange soft alarm under dash

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Hi everyone. Just purchased a 2022 Rav4 XLE Premium Hybrid. Just recently it started sounding a soft alarm that comes from you for the drivers side dash. It happens every time I turn the car on and sometimes during the drive. No lights, or warnings pop up when this occurs. Car is driving great otherwise. Taking it to the dealership next week. Wondering if someone else was having or had the same issue.
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Your dealer put an aftermarket alarm system on your car. Have it removed; they're nothing but trouble and add nothing of value.
I agree. I was able to stop my dealer from cutting into a brand new Japanese built wiring harness. I truly believe that these aftermarket dealer installed devices can cause havoc on new car electronics. I was lucky that the previous dealer that my dealer got mine from hadn't installed anything yet. By the way, the dealer tries to tell you that it's necessary but the truth is they install them to keep cars safe on the lot and then charge you even more to activate it. If it's not activated, the components remain in the car and can cause issues later dependent to how well the original install was done.
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