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On Saturday morning. I got up at 4:30 AM to my usual drive to Bayamon to my University, class starts at 7:30 AM, so I must hurry. I just want to get down early and sit at Denny's for breakfast. It is about a 45 minute drive, usually it is longer but since it is so early, and traffic is very light. This morning, an Echo wanted to test the RAV4, aaagain. I stopped at a lite; all of a sudden I heard a very loud visit to the 8,000 RPM by the Echo, poor thing. Anyway, after a very fast cuts and some 5,000RPM visit on my behalf, it had enough. It was reading my license plate all the time. But then, another factor came into the picture that really gave me goose bumps. A BMW 325. :) But it was an Automatic. I flipped on the Next Level Switch, and the race was on. [Chicken it is] some cuts and all of a sudden, very clean an ever wide open road. I thought I had my hands full. The BMW wasn't taking any prisoners either. He started to pull away. I said Oh S&%t, NOT. The RAV4orce started to close in on him, slowly but surely. We went by a couple of "slow" cars, and more open space. But this time, I notice all of a sudden that the BMW was getting larger. Looks like he ran out of power, I was on his bumper like white on rice. All over him. I slammed on third gear and the engine roared to [how the hell did I know] RPM. Brakes, then step on the power again. He was history. The dude from the Echo was a witness to everything. He was trying to keep up, but he only could follow at a distant. The dude from the BMW had enough of the RAV4orces power. When I went by he was looking out the passenger windows. I guess he was embraces.

I cut out of the freeway as did the Echo. At the next light, he had to ask. "WHAT THE F. DOES THAT RAV4 HAVE?" I just smiles and took a left for Denny's Santa Rosa Mall.

What did I learn?

Well, I guess I need an air/fuel ratio controller. I knew that the engine was running rich in hi gear. Especially when it started to pop as I stabbed and took out the gas peddle. Despite the MSD, Nology wires and Pivot RAZIN. With these it should clean out any gas, but it did pop. A little more timing also, about two to three degrees more.

With less gas, or lets say, a leaner mixture I guess the engine can work a lot better and make more power without a doubt.

Also, if I can get some more air into the K&N filter. But I mean a straight blast of cold direct air.

Has anyone experimented with a hood opening for more air intake?
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