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Subframe (K frame) removal problems!

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I just bought this 2000 rav4 with 130k miles on it. Seemed like a good deal. I knew it needed new suspension all around, and that the subframe had some holes in it. I figured I could get the holes welded up and all would be well... But it seems that the entire subframe is extremely rusty and warrants replacement.

The issues I've run into so far, the bolts that hold the subframe to the unibody just above the control arms (in order to get a socket on it, I have to use a big extender that goes through the control arm) will not budge. I've tried a 4 foot breaker bar and had no luck.

Also, the castle nut that holds the ball joint to the spindle won't budge. I think I'm going to have to go at it with a dremel tool and then chisel.

Any alternative ideas for the castle nut, and any idea on those subframe bolts would be very helpful, thank you.
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It's gonna take the heat wrench (acetylene torch) to get many of the bolts loose. That's the easy part. Many of the bolts have their nuts captive inside areas you can't get heat to w/o ruining stuff you weren't planning to replace.
You may want to check with a pro garage to get prices and possibly consider reselling the car before you start down the rebuild road.
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