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Hello all,
This is, I know, a familiar subject: wet carpet on rear passenger floorboard (2010 RAV4 Ltd), caused by clogged drain holes in sunroof. Dealer blew them out a few months back, but now the problem has returned, so I've been working on the two sunroof drain holes myself. Both seem clogged near the entrance: I pushed about 4 inches of copper wire into the holes and the water quickly drained out.

But instead of draining out of what I assumed would be an escape hole in the bottom of the frame (under the passenger door, say), water drips out all along the bottom seam that runs along the bottom of the car from the back of front wheel well to the front of the back wheel well. The "seam" I'm referring to is where the lowest body piece (beneath the front and rear passenger doors) is joined to the underbody by means of a standing 3/4 inch lip. When water is poured into the drain holes in the sun roof, water leaks in drops along the approx 4 ft length of that seam. And I can't even find a drain hole under there. Surely this isn't by design, is it?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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