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I am selling the following:
Sunshine Automotive heavy duty harness. If you are considering upgrading to high power light bulbs to 90w and over, you will need this heavy-duty harness to achieve the maximum performance out of the light bulbs. This heat resistance head light connected plugs upgrade a perfect choice along with the high wattage output light bulbs you got. Your original harness will burnt or melt if you uses any high wattage bulbs from PIAA, Raybrig or Mtec. I know because I uses all those brand and for a prolong uses, I noticed my stock wiring socket started to burnt.

Connected plug is hard and insulated plastic
Designed to heat proof temperatures more then 480F for added protection with high wattage bulbs
Easy to replace original connected plugs

I have kit for the H4 for the 1996-1997 and the 2001 and up RAV4 and 9006 for the 1998-2000 RAV4 or any other vehicles that uses H4 or 9006

THese are brand new and I am selling this $12.00 a set. Shipping price is not included.

Here is the link for the picture
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