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I've been doing a lot of googling and a lot of reading on this forum about lift for the Rav4 and i keep seeing the same thing, which seems to be go for the OME lift kit.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other kit or spring and shock combos to lift the rav a little, i know its not an off roader but a little bit more height would help.

I live in Iceland, so getting the OME would possibly prove a little difficult and also very costly with import charges so i'm looking for alternatives, best if they are available in the European market.

Also, since it would be such a small lift on a car like this, can you lift with springs only and keep standard shocks? what are the pros and cons.

Currently running 225/70/16 tyres on it if that makes any difference!

Thanks for the help, and if this has already been discussed then sorry but i couldn't find it!
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