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FYI..... there is a company close to where I live (in Switzerland) that makes performance upgrades for cars on the rally cercuit here. The website is The website is only in french for the moment, but the basic rundown is this. They make a power box that splices into the stock unit with 5 wires, easily done. I runs parrallel to the stock unit, not re-programming, but tweaking the injection process. The box comes from them already tweaked for whichever car you have. Before I go on, this box can be re-configured for your next vehicle if and when you sell the Rav. Anyways, it's pretty expensive, 700 Swiss Francs which is 550 US$. BUT...... the performance upgrade for a 2.0L (150Hp) gas engine Rav 4 is 13Hp and 14 Nanno-Newtons (is that the correct word in english?) of torque. For the D4D Turbo diesel model (116HP stock) the upgrade is 22HP, and 38 nanno-newtons(again, right word??) of torque. They offer a 10 year guarante on their product also. I will be getting one as soon as I have the money to do so, which will probably end up being next spring, unless I use the money to lower my Rav. I haven't quite decided yet, I also want a nice dvd player too so I'll just have to wait and see as far as funds go.

Any how, if any of you are interested and understand french, you can read all about it on their website, if you don't understand french, just follow these steps and you can still see for yourselves the stats listed for the rav4 (or any other car)


2 "Choose a Country" click on the Swiss Flag

3 click on "Boitiers Additionneles"

4 click on "Automobiles (essence et diesel)"

5 scroll down and click on the red TOYOTA bubble

6 scroll down under "modéle" untill you see Rav-4

7 find your vehicle in the "moteur" column (1800 i, 125 Hp. 2000 D4D, 116 Hp. 2000 i, 150 Hp.)

8 all of this info is stock, it's listed under "série" at the top of the page. Look to your right and you will find the upgrades and the fuel types listed for each model. (Hp in french is always listed as CV, torque is listed as NM, gasoline is BENZ-L, and diesle is TOY- D4D

For any US or Canadian models that have bigger engines than the European models (if such is the case) all the guy would need is a fax off all the tech. data from toyota to tweak the unit with his computer to your specific car. Or he might already have it as he told me he deals with the US too.

Just though I'd throw this out there, just to let you all know that this thing exhists. Peace, Jamie.
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