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"No one knew the color of the sky"

My wife and my son were in the middle of a very scary situation. As they came from Fort Laura dale to Puerto Rico. The flight was just 40 minutes away from San Juan. Some idiot decided to play a very disagreeable trick and post on the eating tray napkin, "Boom". It was taken as a boom threat. All hell broke loose. The plane was return to Fort Lauradale, FL. The Home Security team of Fort Lauradale. jumped into action. After more then four hours of interrogation, screening, check and recheck. My family and passengers of flight 605 [Boeing 757] from American Airline was permitted to fly to Puerto Rico.

As all this was happening, I was watching the monitors of AA and a lot of tricky stuff was happening. At the gate, the AA employees were running and ignoring our request for an explanation of why the flight was delayed 3, 4, then 6 hours. When my wife reached Fort Laura dale she called me and told me what was going on. I almost freaked out. I made a little speech and told everyone at the gate what was going on. Aha, wrong move. People were angry, crying, some even hysterical. But then, they said [which I think was wrong] "this has not been confirmed yet". That added to the uncertainty of family and friends...

The flight was supposes to arrive in PR, at 9:07PM. It arrived at 4:33AM.

Thank God nothing happen. Let me go to sleep now. I'm tired.
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