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I test drove two different 2006 Rav4s today. First was a Limited (the heated seats were nice) and then later at a different dealer, the base model. I was very impressed with both models, and am really excited to buy one.

First, my impression of the power is that it is certainly adequate. It may be a bit lacking in 0-60 type speed, but I had no problems merging onto the highway, and when I needed the power to go from 55-70, it was very quick and smooth. There was no wind noise; it is a very tight cabin. I didn't notice the exhaust noise like other posters, but I was talking most of the time.

I got two quotes for a base model: MSRP $23,454
This price inlcudes 4x4, and the package with side airbags, roof rails, etc.

One dealer in MN would go to $22,900, but got my local WI dealer down to $22,500. Invoice for this model on is about $21,300,

I am holding out for $22,000., but will have to wait until they stop preselling all of the darn things.
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