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Ryan Shaughnessy is a huge fan of both the Toyota RAV4 as well as the Toyota Caldina GT-T—a mad station wagon made for the Japanese market only. So he swapped a 256-horsepower Caldina GT-T 3S-GTE engine into his 1998 RAV4. The best of both worlds makes for some great snow-conquering hoonage.

Shaughnessy describes the ST215-generation 3S-GTE he swapped into his RAV4 as a “baby 2JZ-GTE”—sharing a lot in common with the legendary Supra engine, only it’s an inline-four instead of an inline-six. While Toyota’s claim of 256 hp from the 3S-GTE may not sound like an outrageous number, first-generation RAV4s only had a listed curb weight of between 2,524 and 2,789 lbs. This RAV4 weighs less than a Porsche 944 Turbo, but packs more power. (Worth reiterating: in a RAV4.)

As you can see, that much extra power in a nice tall little baby-truck makes it an all-weather delight. It’s manual, it’s all-wheel-drive, and it’s turbocharged. What more could you want?

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