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Hello All,

Today i decided to clean the throttle body after having the shaking condition while coming to a full stop and the shift is at the D position.

I cleaned the Maf as well as the throttle body .. i took the whole unit out .. there was no gasket between the throttle and the plastic part of the mainfold.. only a rubber.

The throttle was very dirty both sides .. i think it was never got out and cleaned

I noticed that it doesn't fully closed .. maybe opened by 5 to 7 % .. i cleaned it fully with carbo cleaner while the position of the throttle upside down for the carb didnt get into the motor.

After cleaning it ... i put some A80 lubricant ( it is like wd-40 ) to the points of the gate to lubricate the joints after the carb cleaner because it's strong.

I saw a video on the tube for some guy discussing the benefit of having the coolant two lines in the throttle body where in our countries the coldest ever degree won't pass under zero.

I examined the throttle body and found that:

- one line from the manifold behind the engine to the motor side of the throttle body which is colsed when trying to blow air into it.

- another one at the above point of the throotle body a pipe linked to the VSV plug.

- Two lines to the coolant pipes in and out. So the main aim of this is the heat up the almnium body of the throttle but why?

According to this mechanic guy in such middle east countries we don' t need those two lines to easen the frozen gate of the throttle body in countries with -30 and up degrees. And according to him these two line as a result of heating up the throttle the air getting into the engine is hot not cold which effect the performance of the engine. Is this right?

Today while at it i do cancel the two lines attaching them to a pipe to close the circle of the coolant system and put some wd-40 to the pipes of the throttle to not corrod.

After attaching the Battery back and crank the car .. the car started normally went to 1400 rpm .. then for 10 seconds with almost no hesitation (as expected) it went down to 800 to 900 rpm .. once it got to normal heat degree i applied all the electric load as the conditioning system, high beam lights and the touch screen. Reviving it up more than five times .. the rpm hesitated a little and then stayed at 700 rpm.

I drove home .. very little distance 2 minutes only .. i will test later and write an update if there is any observation.

The Question is .. what are the pros and cons ( if any )of cancelling the coolant lines to the throttle body?

Thoughts are most welcome.
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