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I am interested in install the Throttle Response System Toyota RAV 4 2.0

Has anybody installed and using one of these ? any feedback much appreciated please.

More programs, more flexibility, more driving fun:
With the new PedalBox V3.0, DTE Systems has once again successfully updated the PedalBox to include the newest technologies, thereby allowing the company to realise a multitude of customer wishes. The PedalBox V3.0 is now even smaller, more manageable, more effective and even more flexible in its programming.

Above and beyond the standard:
In addition to the already known four levels of "SPORT", "SPORT Plus", "CITY" and "OFF", there is now also the option of modifying the program-specific response and, via a 6-level program, adjusting it in a more individualised fashion to match driver's wishes with the "Curve Differentiation" switch.

It's all about the driver:
In order to give the driver even greater feedback, the ergonomics of the PedalBox have also been improved. Instead of the uni coloured indicator lights that had been built in up to now, now different coloured lights provide information on the PedalBox' current programming.

SPORT: In the SPORT mode, throttle response is improved slightly. SPORT increases throttle response by up to 16 per cent, making it suitable for most situations.
SPORT Plus: For sporty drivers, we recommend the SPORT Plus mode. SPORT Plus incorporates optimal fuel consumption across the entire rpm range and is perfect for merging quickly with road traffic or when overtaking is required.
CITY: The CITY mode is suitable for the stop and go of city traffic. It guarantees improved torque in the lower rpm range while the response is programmed to achieve economical fuel consumption.
OFF: We recommend the OFF mode for driving on very slippery road surfaces brought about by ice, snow or heavy rain.

- PedalBox programmed specifically for your car
- Clearly illustrated installation instructions
- Assembly material

- The PedalBox allows users to choose from four power levels while the three modes allow enhanced response.
- At low RPM the engine responds in roughly half the time.
- Acceleration delay in third and fourth gear is equal to zero.
- The housing system has a reliable EMC cover.
- The PedalBox is approved in accordance with EC Directive 89/336 (electromagnetic compatibility) and has the CE marking.
- It is glass fibre-reinforced, thereby providing the utmost in hardness and heat resistance
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