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So I bought a 2016 Rav4 Hybrid Friday !
Pretty happy with it :D.

I have a Thule Force XL 625, which requires a width of 26'' 1/2.
I used to have the Thule squared bars on my previous car, but elected to go with Toyota's Crossbars on my Rav4. The thing is, the width of the middle part of the bars is only 24''. This means the box would have to go over the side parts of the bars (on the plastic locking system).

On the Thule site they put the XL 625 has compatible with the Toyota's crossbars. I'm confused.

Another thing is the weight limit, the Toyota's limit is 100lbs compared to 175lbs for the Thule bars. The XL 625 is almost 50lbs by itself.

Opinion ? Should I go back to the Thule bars ? I changed for the noise ...
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