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How's it going everyone,

Well, after a buddy of mine installed coilovers on his 91' 240SX, I was was able to ride along before and after this particular modification. I was blown away by the ride quality difference. Though he only had about a 1/2" of wheel gap and had rubbing issues haha, the car felt much more stable with little yaw rotation in cornering. I've been driving my RAV for nearly two years now, and one of my biggest issues with it is its tall stock ride height, soft springs, and pronounced body roll.
A few months later, I decided to consider suspension modifications, mainly lowering springs vs coilovers, for my RAV. Obviously, the 240 and the RAV4 are incredibly different vehicles mechanically and dimensionally, but I decided to go with coilovers because of its range of adjustability benefits with the ride quality, height, damping, and because I saved up enough for it.

I wanted to reach out to the forum and ask if anyone else has switched to coilovers and any tips I would benefit from before and during installation. I went with the Megan Racing Street Coilover Suspension kit for '06-'12 model years. I just picked up two sets of axle stands and will acquire a floor jack, impact + torque wrench, and spring compressors. I know someone posted in the forum previously about installing Megan coilovers, but I haven't done much mechanical work on my car and would be grateful to avoid any major hiccups. In addition, what ride height would one recommend I move to? I would love to lower it as much as I can as I don't carry heavy loads in it and want a more sporty and aggressive look, but I don't want to rub the wheel well or damage the vehicle over time. Any other tips would be highly appreciated! I'll make sure to post pictures of the process once that begins!

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