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Tire damage due to excessive negative rear camber that can't be adjusted

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On a recent road trip our 2019 RAV4 Hybrid began vibrating on the highway. We pulled over and discovered that the left rear tire was damaged as it was cupped and missing much of the inside shoulder. The rest of the tire had approx. 5/32 tread wear. (3/32 is the minimum according to the tire manufacturer) We have been getting rotations every 5K miles at the dealer. All 4 tires had similar uneven wear, the current left rear being much worse.

We replaced it with our full size spare and took it to a dealer in the area, they attempted an alignment; however, we were told that the left rear had excessive negative camber, this was not adjustable, and something was defective. They advised that we take it to the dealer where we purchased the car to see if they could do something. (Car is still in warranty)

The dealer where we bought it new changed the struts and springs in an attempt to increase the ride height and decrease the camber with little effect. They said that it is now just within the "Acceptable" limit from Toyota so all is OK; however, at this camber the tire wears unevenly as evidenced by the tire in the photo above. We would expect it to be in Toyota's "Recommended" or "Preferred" alignment as represented by the smaller center green range. I understand that angles out of the recommended range can cause uneven tire wear. The replacement is also starting to show similar uneven wear after less than 1,000 miles.

What does a normal alignment report on a RAV4 Hybrid look like? Has anyone else had issues with uneven tire wear?
Would be very helpful if some of you could also post pics or results of your last alignment reports if you have them.

Thanks in advance.
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2020 LE hv
I have eibach lift springs in the back. I would think that i'd have more wear on the outside but my insides are wearing out too. Got two sets of wheels that i'm switch off often which means tire rotations every time (~2k). I actually ended up remounting them so the newer side gets worn now...
pretty annoying.
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Yea -1.80 on the left rear is a bit extreme. Minimum allowed is -1.75, ideal is -1.0. Would think that lift springs would increase the negative camber (make it more positive). Negative camber causes wear in the insides of the tires. The pic for the left rear looks backwards. A tire riding on the outside edge would have positive camber.
I think we cant go by the picture. I agree that the lift in the back would push it into the + but it doesnt...?
I ordered the red godspeed today. They said it's got a +/-3° range.
why would my eibach lift springs then not have changed the camber closer to the correct measurement?
Not yet installed and not sure if i want to do it myself.
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