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Invoke access to hidden diagnostic mode!

OK, here's a way to read Tire Pressure from the display screen (confirmed with NA 2013 model).
WARNING: Do not make any changes on other settings, unless you're familiar with on how to use the DIAG MODE!

1) Place the car in ACC, IGN or START Mode.

2) Press and hold the "AUDIO", press "SEEK" 3 times, press "TRACK" 3 times, then press "SEEK" again 3 times. (Remember not to let go "AUDIO" button while performing this key sequence).

3) Screen should now display Page 1.

4) Touch "Next", screen should now display Page 2.

5) Touch "Next", screen should display Page 3.

6) Touch "Debug", screen should display "Debug Setting Screen"

7) Touch "tpms OFF". It should turn from blue to green. Screen should display...

8) Shut down the vehicle. (This is the only way to exit "Diag Mode").

9) Now turn car back to IGN mode ONLY! (Vehicles with "Push to Start", press the "Start" button 2 times, do not depress "Brake". If you accidentally started the car then you must repeat step 1 thru 8. :oops:

10) Remember, the vehicle should not be in "START" mode. Press the "CAR" button. Screen should now display the "Information" screen.

11) Touch "Tire Pressure", screen should now display the "Tire Pressure" Screen.

12) Mine takes at least 2 - 3 minutes to read all TP.

Unfortunately, as soon as you re-start. The TPMS display screen will be no longer visible again. Toyota basically defaults it to "off" via firmware boot during vehicle "Start" mode :confused:. But if you follow step 1 thru step 12, shut down vehicle to off, then re-START the engine. The display will show "Tire Pressure" screen intact, and drive around until you exit the screen.

-Enjoy! :cheers:
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