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Nothing to actually report here about a RAV4 problem, but if problems ARE ever found, this could be an early first-indication of a later TSB or even recall down the road.

From (San Francisco):

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints that run-flat tires on the Sienna go flat much too easily. Now the scope of the investigation has gone beyond the tires and into a safety feature that will soon be mandatory on all new cars.

Federal investigators are focusing on the tire pressure warning system seen on the dashboard and the run-flat tires the system is supposed to be monitoring.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received a dozen complaints about the monitoring system failing on Toyota Sienna's with run-flat tires. It's launched what it calls a preliminary evaluation.
Right now the investigation only covers the 2004-2005 model years for the Toyota Sienna. But NHTSA is also asking Toyota to turn over information about its 2004-2006 Toyota Highlander, Rav4 and Solara vehicles.
Also: doesn't the RAV4.3 version in Europe use run-flat tires?

(posted in 4.2 because 2 model years of 4.2 are mentioned, and only one of 4.3 ) :wink:

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Actually, what is the deal with the tires on my car?

I have the tire pressure monitoring system on my 4.2 and I don't even know what it does. I assume under major tire failure it would indicate that it is low pressure, but to me it seems somewhat redundant since you'll be able to feel major pressure loss.

Alternately, if this would indicate a drop of around 5 psi that would be great, since then I don't have to check my tire pressure before each trip, but I hardly think that this is it's purpose.

Maybe I should just look in my owners manual...
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