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Tire Pressure Sensor light flashing, ABS light, and VSC TRAC light on

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Hey guys!

Happy to be here as a new owner of a 2005 rav4 L.

I bought the car just 3 days ago. No lights on and drove perfectly fine when I test drove. It's got ~140k miles, but is in great shape overall.

My birthday was the 9th and I took it on a 200-mile-round-trip drive that day with no issues. Yesterday, I took it to the car wash and gave it a good cleaning inside and out. After leaving and driving for ~5 minutes, the tire pressure sensor began flashing, as well as the ABS and VSC TRAC lights came on solid.

I have tried looking elsewhere and can find no remedy. I ensured all tires were filled up to 29 psi, as recommended by the factory sticker for that size tire. Additionally, I reset the DLC3 CG and TC terminals, as I saw that gets rid of the lights on one thread I read. That worked, but unfortunately the lights have come back.

Any other thoughts and ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!! I don't want to believe I bought a seemingly perfect car just a few days ago and now it's going to turn into some major problem.

Thank you!
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You can read faulty code when you connect CG and TC.
The code will tell you the faulty area. How did you treated it?
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