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[TopElectricSUV] Toyota Stout comeback rumors: Will it be an electrified truck?

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[TopElectricSUV] Toyota Stout comeback rumors: Will it be an electrified truck? [Update]

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  • Toyota apparently considering a compact truck for the segment below the Tacoma
  • Success of the Maverick could be a catalyst for the Toyota compact truck's introduction
  • The Stout was sold in North America between 1964 & 1967 paving the way for the Hilux
  • We expect the Toyota compact truck to feature hybrid power & Toyota's new HMI
Many of you might not have heard about it but the Stout was the original Toyota truck in the compact class in North America.

Toyota pickup trucks are usually associated with the Hilux from the 1970s, but go back further, and you’ll find that in 1964, the Japanese carmaker launched the half-ton Toyota Stout 2WD in America and other markets. This was the first time Toyota toyed with the idea of a light pickup truck in North America, which proved to be a learning curve for the company.

Toyota Stout trademark registration
Why are we talking about the Stout? Argentinian website Autoweb reported in September that Toyota had registered the Stout name, which has led to rumors about a revival of the nameplate.

This report comes after Jack Hollis, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations at Toyota North America, spoke to AutoNews in June about the company’s interest in the segment. He said that “there is space” in the U.S. lineup for a small ute-like pickup truck (below the Tacoma) and many reckon that the Stout could be it.

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It was the Stout that introduced the Toyota brand in the light pickup truck market in North America, and provided the Hilux with a base on which it made history.

Nevertheless, we need to take this with a grain of salt, as standard legal procedures like trademark filings or registrations aren’t always an indication that a manufacturer is working on a car, though they might be interested in doing so at a future date.

Could this Maverick/Santa Cruz fighter be as simple as a RAV4 with a truck bed? More to read at TopElectricSUV...
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reading some buzz this is going to be the same TNGA platform as rav4
and a hybrid....if true I will be getting one for sure
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