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Toronto Star "Third-gen RAV4 bigger, brawnier"
Kind of funny, because this "preview" is actually longer than the Summit Daily News' "review". Once more, this review is laden with praise, but considering it's sourced from Woodstock, the location of the RAV4 plant opening in 2008... :wink:

Of course the cramped third row seats are noticed and the reviewer brings up something I hadn't seen referenced anywhere so far: a windshield wiper de-icer system. I wonder if it's in all models or just Canada? Because this (p)review is the first I've heard of it in the RAV4.

A couple knocks they make are to the price jump and the reviewer feels that with its upsizing, Toyota has effectively abandoned the "compact" Cute-Ute market it created with the original RAV4.

Specifically mentioned is the new 4WD transmission:
The latest RAV gets a new 4WD system called Active Torque Control. The bias here is toward front wheel drive, unless there is slippage, which will then automatically engage the electronic coupling to send torque to the rear wheels.

There is also a Lock Mode that will split front and rear axle torque 55/45 and lock it in. This is for slow-speed manoeuvres only. When the truck accelerates past 40 km/h, the system reverts to the auto Active Torque Control mode.

This is not an aggressive 4WD system; however, it is probably more than enough to get the RAV in, out and through whatever most of its owners will ever drive it into.
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