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Tow Hitch

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FYI: The current hitches available for 4.3 and earlier model RAV's will NOT fit the '13 RAV. I have a Hidden Hitch Class 1 model 60808 on my '11 LTD. I was hoping to transfer it to my new RAV. Hidden Hitch did not have a model listed for the '13 RAV on their website, so I contacted them.
Here's their reply, verbatim:

"The 2013 RAV4 is a new build. The hitch and wiring are completely different. A hitch and wiring are being designed but are not available at this time. I do not have a projected date yet"
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Not surprising since the aftermarket doesn't get advanced "copies."
I just installed a Curt 12108 ( 1 1/4 ) hitch on my 2013 RAV4. I am going to use a Hollywood Sport Rider Model HR 1000 2 bike rack that I used with a Jeep Liberty and had bought in 2008. I noticed that Curt recommends using a stabilizing strap. My rack uses a threaded type pin and has little or no wobble and I can't see how a strap would work with the spoiler in the way. I plan on taking our bikes with us in Jan. and Feb. when we go to Myrtle Beach, SC ( from Pennsylvania ) and don't want to have any trouble on the road. Is this overkill on Curt's part or a real concern.
Unless your bikes are DRZ-400s you have no strap needs!
What, in Maine it's legal to tow a trailer without operating brake lights and turn signals?
Where I live it doesn't matter if I drive 10 feet or 10 miles on a public road, it's very illegal without functioning lights on a trailer, no matter what, if anything, is on the trailer.
He didn't say it was legal. :shrug:
Some places in Maine you can drive 10-20 miles w/o seeing anyone. :eek:
I assume you're defending his ignoring of the law?

If it's a public road, it doesn't make it right just because there's no one around.
You are absolutely correct. Who do we turn him in to?
Firstly, I do not profess to know anything!

We know the pre-2013 RAV4 with V6 was rated at 3500. My 2013 with 4 cyl is only rated at 1500. Some suggest that the difference is in the drive train capacity. A Toyota salesman told me yesterday that virtually any car can tow 5000lbs; the real problem is one of stopping. Could that be helped using electric brakes on the trailer if the real weakness is braking ability?

Then there is the question of tongue weight. It is suggested tongue weight be 10% of the towed weight meaning in theory my 2013 RAV4 shouldn't have anymore than 150lbs on the tongue. Seems a little far fetched when one can readily buy 500lb capacity bike racks, carriers etc. I'm assuming the 10% rule exists to provide trailer stability and not because the hitch will fall off if I put 500lbs on it.

I wish I had a definitive answer or could source one. Can my RAV safely carry a 300-400lb electric scooter for example? I have a 2" mount.
From probably 400,000 miles of towing various trailers with both cars and trucks over the last 40+ years including dyno trailers for the last 20 I may have some answers.

Starting with the 10% rule: It is for trailer tracking stability and certainly the minimum. 15% is safer. It can usually be adjusted by how the weight is distributed in the the trailer.
The "any car can tow 5000lbs" statement means 500-750lbs tongue weight. That's in 3/4 ton pickup range but I do agree that stopping is a bigger issue. The simple fact is that ALL trailers should have brakes. I've slid thru intersections w/o them -- and ordered brakes the next day!

Your I4 RAV4 has the same frame as my V6 but I wouldn't put 400lbs on either one. Even my 300lb DRZ-400 would be marginal especially since the spare moves the weight backward making the tail sagging Savage mentions even worse. I do carry the DRZ on either the front or back of my F-250 but even then it's on a two or three beam custom made carrier. A small trailer is a much better option for a car or RAV4 sized vehicle.
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That's not a 4.4 but how did it handle? That trailer looks very light. Must be the mesh making it look light.
I guarantee his RAV4 doesn't even know the trailer is there. In fact he probably has to remember it is when pulling back over after passing or when backing up.
Did you have to run the 12v wire directly to the battery?
Which 12V wire? For the signal/brake light converter or for live power to a camper?
Sorry, the power for the module. The Curt harness that I saw has a wire that runs to the battery.
I got the power from the 12V outlet in the left rear corner. Key has to be on for it to work, but then it usually is when I drive. :wink
My signature says I have a 2006 RAV4 which has an outlet. I don't see anything in your signature so I haven't a clue if yours has one too.
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2014's don't have one in the rear.
Yeah, sorry about that being missing - as well as two missing cylinders. :wink
Why is it that every time I come to the 4.4 forums looking for info this sort of douchebaggery is still going on and being tolerated?

Are the 4.3 forums really that slow?
Sorry that I apparently offended you. I don't believe that's my reputation here. Was meant in jest totally.
...why even visit the 4.4 tech forums?
Sorry, my bad. Musta hit the wrong key again. Damn computers!
But since some people can't let it go, here we are. :shrug:
Apparently so. :crying
Hmmm...."douchebaggery", is that a real word? I wish I could use it in Scrabble! :)
I think I own that one! But you have my official licensed permission to use it!
... a playground for disgruntled owners of previous models
I assure you I'm in NO WAY disgruntled about my 4.3, only that I've apparently lost sole licensing of a certain word.

... to continually ridicule and belittle the vehicles we found worthy of purchasing?
I haven't looked at many 4.4 forums so I wasn't aware of the level of abuse you've been subjected to or that my V6 comment would be another dagger.

Is that your (the administrator's) recipe for success in the 4.4 tech forums? To be disruptive and make people feel unwelcome?
I have friends with 4.1s, 4.3s, and 4.4s and altho I don't think any are on these RAV4 forums they are all welcome as are you.

I can assure you that unlike other forums I've seen and heard of ours are "policed" quite fairly and any member whose INTENT is to be disruptive or superior won't last long. What I have seen in my years here is a lack of judgement across the generation lines rather a willingness to help each other. That doesn't mean there isn't some good-natured ribbing happening occasionally on these public forums. As for me I'll contunie to try to help but I'm not interested in a completely sterile forum.
Some might say you're missing two cylinders. Even worse, missing two cylinders and a TRD blower :D
Do my V-8 F-250s with turbos count? :wink
Hello all. New to the site. Have not read all of the comments, but did not see hitch haulers mentioned. (Sorry if they were) I have a 2011 Ltd and am wondering if the hauler will work given the rear mounted spare tire and the fact that a hitch hauler has sides all the way around. I don't want to pay the funds to find it won't work! Thanks for any help.
Well, you actually should be on the 4.3 forum but we're having lots of fun here too so let me try to answer.
I bought one of these for my BIL to use on his '08 RAV4 after he experienced drastic gas mileage losses when hauling large item on the roof. I never actually saw him use it (he's in AK) but I'm sure it cleared the spare tire. Not sure he could open the rear door because of the sides but once loaded you wouldn't be able to anyway.
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I have the torklift and I agree this one has the same concealed look as the torklift.
Did you mean same as Draw-tite?
I'm having the same issue with my curt hitch on install. How did you go about spreading the flanges apart?
I bought a used hitch for my '06 RAV4 years ago. Forgot the brand but either in shipping or otherwise it was slightly too narrow to fit. I bent it out in about five minutes using a hydraulic jack and some wood blocks. The trick is to go a little past what you need because it will regress some when you release the jack.
I would think that would add stress to it. Filing 1/8" off the hole would not - unless you filed it so fast you generated heat.
Makes no sense to me but whatever.
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