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Tow Hitch

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FYI: The current hitches available for 4.3 and earlier model RAV's will NOT fit the '13 RAV. I have a Hidden Hitch Class 1 model 60808 on my '11 LTD. I was hoping to transfer it to my new RAV. Hidden Hitch did not have a model listed for the '13 RAV on their website, so I contacted them.
Here's their reply, verbatim:

"The 2013 RAV4 is a new build. The hitch and wiring are completely different. A hitch and wiring are being designed but are not available at this time. I do not have a projected date yet"
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On the Toyota USA web site, if you go to actually "build" a RAV4 they only show options for paint protection, roof rack cross bars, body side moldings, mud guards and running boards.

They don't mention the trailer hitch anywhere.

However, they do allow you to submit a "chat" request and I asked the representative what the regular, MSRP price was to have a dealer add an OEM trailer hitch to a 2013 RAV4 and they said you have to call your dealer and ask because "each dealer is independently owned & operated, so pricing may vary."

I read that as: I don't know.

So apparently you have to call your dealer to find out at least what the OEM pricing would be.

One would think if it's $1,385.00 in Canada it'll be at least around $1,000.00 in the US for the OEM hitch.
I'm guessing it would be good to tow either 1500 or 2000 Lbs.

The 2013 RAV4 itself is only rated to tow 1500 lbs maximum.

The OEM hitch for the 4.3 was much more complex than the aftermarket ones for the 4.3, with many more bolts and brackets to mount it to the vehicle than the aftermarket ones.

Certainly liability reasons probably came into play, but also I think to distribute the forces on the vehicle as evenly as possible. After all, Toyota designed the vehicle, so they would know how best to mount a hitch to it for maximum effectiveness and safety.
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