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FYI: The current hitches available for 4.3 and earlier model RAV's will NOT fit the '13 RAV. I have a Hidden Hitch Class 1 model 60808 on my '11 LTD. I was hoping to transfer it to my new RAV. Hidden Hitch did not have a model listed for the '13 RAV on their website, so I contacted them.
Here's their reply, verbatim:

"The 2013 RAV4 is a new build. The hitch and wiring are completely different. A hitch and wiring are being designed but are not available at this time. I do not have a projected date yet"
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Aftermarket hitches

Hopefully there will be options soon, I'm looking too for using the hitch as a bike mount, not for towing really. U-haul lists hitch# 78432 as fitting the 2013...BUT a quick search on a 2012 rav4 produces the same part number. SO I'm assuming its wrong. I don't have my Rav yet, I will in about a month or so and I'm hoping by summer Hidden Hitch, DrawTite, U-haul...anybody, has something figured out by then. That post about the Canadian hitch option makes me want to cry...that is the most convoluted and insane hitch kit I've ever seen. Not sure the Canadian version would change that much vs the US but if that's the kit then my stuff is going on the roof for sure.
Hidden Hitch says it fits...

I emailed Hidden Hitch this morning, attached is a picture of their response. There was not a name of who replied, but it came from their Tech support group. SO...Who is going to be the first one to order one and try it out!?!:thumbs_up:


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I emailed Hidden Hitch this morning, attached is a picture of their response. There was not a name of who replied, but it came from their Tech support group. SO...Who is going to be the first one to order one and try it out!?!:thumbs_up:
The installation manual has been updated with a Note Specifically for the 2013 model year...This looks very promising!!:)


I assume we have a communication misunderstanding, between me, Hidden Hitch, and you. I had asked Hidden Hitch if specifically the Class 1 #60808 Hidden Hitch mounted on my '11 RAV would fit the '13. They told me emphatically that it would not. Now they tell you that their Hidden Hitch that is Class 3/4 will. In looking at the exploded diagram and mounting instructions, I can see how it will, but on examining a '13 RAV, I saw no sign of any pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the frame rail. That's crazy overkill to mount a Class 3/4 when the RAV can only tow a Class 1 rating, but if that's the only hitch that will fit, then I guess so be it. I'll wait this one out until you or someone else finds a hitch that will fit and mounts it. Keep reporting back on your mission. Will you be mounting it yourself?
I do indeed plan to mount it myself...but do not have said Rav to mount it on yet. Good chance someone else will beat me to it. However once I have a date on taking delivery of the Rav, I'll have the hitch on order soon after.
You said you didn't see any holes for the hitch to bolt to in your frame though and that could be a problem. They do mention removing a tow bracket, are your holes under that? Also, I know other mfr's will have their tapped holes plugged under the chassis so that they aren't full of rust and junk by the time the owner goes to mount something in it.

I agree that class is way overkill, BUT I prefer to use 2" receiver type bike racks. They just seem sturdier and less likely to have any issues going over bumpy terrain on the way to a trail head. There are some 1.25" ones that use an adapter to bump up to 2"...don't like those at all. Also, check the specs, I believe Draw-tite or Hidden Hitch offer a hitch that will accept the threaded types of pins for a more secure connection.
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Just talked to the hitch installers, and as luck would have it, he had just been on the phone this morning to Hidden Hitch about the '13 RAV. Hidden Hitch says the 70785 Class 3/4 will definitely fit the '13 RAV. However, there is a good possibility that the 90207 Class 2 will fit. He said it would take about 1/2 hour to install and the installed price is $260, with no wiring. That's a far cry from the almost $1300 that Toyota wants for the installation of their hitch, with wiring of course. I know you're in the same boat as me, no wiring needed for a bike rack, but the guy did say the wiring for the '13 RAV is totally different, and he was very unsure of the cost and complexity. He did say the earlier RAV's needed extensive wiring back to the battery for their trailer plugs.
I'll likely try to get the 90207 installed within the next few weeks. They also said if the 90207 won't fit, they won't charge me for any of their time.
Here is the response from Tech support today when asking about the 90207:

"The 2013 RAV4 is a redesigned vehicle and so the 2012 and older hitches will NOT fit it. At this point, we are offering only 2” receivers as they are more versatile than 1 ¼” receivers.

Thank you for contacting the Technical Group

Cequent Performance Products"

That's really cool of them to try out the 90207 for you and not charge if they can't make it work. I thought I was good with a 2" hitch, but it looks like most all the racks I'm looking at will use a plastic adapter to drop down to 1.25" and there are a lot of people that say they rattle a bit with the adapters. Maybe look for a steel adapter thought that may push the rack out farther from the back bumper increasing the moment load on the hitch.

All this makes me very curious as to if you 90207 ends up fitting. Keeping my fingers crossed!:mrgreen:
Just picked up our new 2013 RAV XLE with AWD on Thursday. I too am looking for a hitch. UHaul hitch #78432 is the same hitch with the same updated directions as Hidden Hitch and Drawtite and the cost is under $159 installed. I would prefer the smaller Class II hitch and I noticed that the 90207 hitch is essentially the same as the 2 inch ones updated for the 2013 RAV. I guess I am wondering why the updated instructions would not work with the 90207 hitch? Currently I have emailed Hidden Hitch and Drawtite to try and get an answer. UHaul does not carry a Class II option for the RAV.
Read post 39 by bigbird and the one after it. We've been talking about this same exact subject. I've already talked to them and they say no go. Big bird is going to go to an installer and try the class II to see if it fits. You could wait for him to report back or go for it and let us know.
OK, here is the deal guys. I purchased both the Class II and Class III hitches to see what works best. The Drawtite 36490 which is the same as Hidden Hitch 90207 would not fit without modifications I chose not to do. The little rod by the muffler they mention is the updated directions that were posted here acts as a damper to prevent muffler vibrations. The directions say to reposition or remove. DO NOT remove it!! We tried that and there was vibration. Have it repositioned so that it faces towards the front of the car. For the Class II to work the rod needed to be removed and I'm not buying a new car to have it rattle. I'm not saying that a way couldn't be found, but I did not do the install, but paid to have it done. The Class III hitch works fine if you reposition the rod. Just my experience and wanted to pass it on. Two different professionals told me the same thing about the Class II hitch, so I went with the sure thing in the Class III--even though its overkill. Returned the Class II for a full refund and am now waiting for biking weather. Good luck to all in your hitch quest.

Bummer to hear the Class II was a no go for you. Any chance of posting some pics? The small picture in the directions is hard to tell exactly where they want you to "re-position" it to. That and I don't have mine to look at yet...2 weeks...I hope! I too would not want a rattling muffler on a new car or any car for that matter. That's not bad for an installed price, was it at a hitch shop or at an actual Uhaul location?
Lol, damn that's cold! Totally understand, thanks for describing it though. Odd that the rod connects to nothing, but still manages to balance out vibration some how.
I'll be honest, I don't get all of the drama and hysteria in this thread.

When doing the deal for our new LTD, I told our salesman I wanted a receiver hitch (at his cost) so my wife could use a hitch mounted bike rack. He made a call to the local hitch place. They quoted $244 for a hitch with a 2" receiver and it was added into the deal. That was last Friday afternoon.

Today, we picked up the car and there was a shiny, black Hidden Hitch on the back.

No muss, no fuss. My advice, don't get your panties in a bunch. It will all work out.
:shrug:Drama and Hysteria? LOL, I'd love to see what you think of the threads where people keep trying to convince 4.3's why the 4.4 is so much better and back that's a place that could use some sarcasm.

I'm glad you ended up with a dealer that could take care of it for you. 2 Dealers I spoke with said if it wasn't on the Toyota website as an option, they couldn't do it. Maybe liability, maybe incompetence...not sure. I asked one about taking it to a hitch shop and having it done and he just basically said I could go do that too. So I dropped it.

If you follow this thread back you'll see that Hidden Hitch was giving conflicting info at first to several of us that had contacted them directly.

In the end you'll have a hitch and so will the others of us that either have them installed for less than the dealer or do it ourselves.

Oh...and I haven't worn panties in a long time, and My advice: the trick to not letting them bunch up is to just wear the thong. Have a great day :thumbs_up:
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I crawled under the rear of the new 4.4 tonight in the cold and dark (someone had to man up and do it) and found 2 interesting things.

For those who missed my post above, the dealer called a local hitch place and they quoted $244 for a Hidden Hitch to fit the '13 RAV. We asked for a bike rack hitch, which basically means the hitch without any wiring harness. The dealership took it over on Monday and had it back in a jiffy.

There was a factory part number, including bar code that was covered up with a piece of tape. It had a hand written number on the tape that was 51157.

I peeled of the tape and underneath was the part number............ 70785. This is the hitch that accepts a 2" hitch/ball mount.

So, there you go, folks. Unbunch your panties and get to work. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who pays $1000++ for a Toyota hitch has more money than brains.

Over and out.

Oh wow, you sir are very funny. I'm glad you think you did so well for yourself in demanding the hitch at dealer cost, you only over paid by just shy of $100. Good job, you should have a cookie, or beer, or whatever lil treat you like.

Just in case you missed it, the 1k hitch was something from Toyota Canada, no one who has read this thread will even consider that hitch.

Also, I don't understand your obsession with bunched up panties... I'm sure there are forums out there that would be willing to help or indulge you. I think with my extra $100 I'll get the mud guards, or heck anything else I feel like not over paying for.

Over and out? You can post from your walkie talkie? That's amazing!
According to the Hidden Hitch Fit Guide, they have a Class III/IV hitch (70785) which fits both the 2012 and 2013 Rav's. They also have a Class II (90207) which fits the 2012, but I'm told after an email enquiry to Hidden Hitch, that it will definitely not fit the 2013. I would prefer the Class II hitch because I'm only using it for a bike rack. I'm trying to understand if the 70785 hitch will fit both, why won't the 90207 hitch also fit both. My attempts to get more detailed answers from Hidden Hitch have been unsuccessful.
Can anyone please throw any light on this?

Also, does anyone know the purpose of the steel rod that protrudes from the resonator hanger, which according to the fit instructions for the 70785 hitch would have to be moved or removed before installation.


Post #44 addresses this. Sounds like they way they decided to put together the smaller hitch, it just doesn't fit. The bar helps dampen vibration. Without it there was reported to be very definite rattle from the exhaust.

I had excellent responses from hidden hitch technical department, don't try and email sales or marketing, go straight to tech if you want more detail.
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Thanks. I guess I should read through all the posts first. But I have the picture now. I'm going to decide whether to wait for a Class II hitch, or go ahead and install the III/IV one.

Thanks again.
This was their response to me:
The 2013 RAV4 is a redesigned vehicle and so the 2012 and older hitches will NOT fit it. At this point, we are offering only 2” receivers as they are more versatile than 1 ¼” receivers.

Thank you for contacting the Technical Group

Cequent Performance Products

So this may mean a few months, a year...longer? Basically doesn't sound like it's on their radar. A shop could easily make an adapter that wouldn't add length I would think if you didn't want to use the plastic adapters that come with most hitch racks.
I'm going on a trip in a couple of months on which I'll be taking two bikes and so I'll have to have a hitch installed by then. I really hate the look of the larger receiver though and so I'm still trying to understand exactly why the Class II hitch doesn't fit. I now understand the issue and the fix for the rod. However, if the problem is that the side bracket length is shorter on the Class II hitch, would spacers between the brackets and the frame be an answer. What do you think? I would really like to see the Class II hitch, but the dealers around here ordered one, I would own it whether it fit or not.
Someone who has had both hitch might be able to help answer the differences. If it was just the addition of 1/4" or 1/2" spacer then I think I would be fine with that, so long as I got the proper strength bolts in a longer length to make up for it. But I am in no way suggesting you do this...can't be having people modify their car and then get mad at me when something breaks :mad:

You may be able to find some place like Amazon that you can order it with free shipping, then if it doesn't work only have to pay return shipping so long as they'll take it back. Just one option.

Another option if no one will let you return a Class II hitch is to have one custom made. Probably be more expensive than any 1 of the hitches alone, but maybe better than having to buy one that doesn't fit and being stuck with it...Though, a 4.3 owner might take it off your hands.

There's my 2 cents

These guys have pictures and videos, could be worth checking out. Also I've heard they have great customer service so calling them could be worth it.

1-1/4" DRAWTITE:
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In the event that this is something that Hidden hitch / Drawtite missed when clearing this hitch to fit the 2013 you should forward your pics and concerns to their tech department.

In the mean time if it is really going to bother you that the muffler might hit the hitch then I suggest these. They are available in stainless even, and a variety of other finishes. Find one that fits the diameter of the damper bar and clamp this bad boy on. You may even find something similar at a local hardware store...might be above the typical HomeDepot or Lowes, but who knows. I'd go to a True Value or a local shop.

I'm sure there are other things that could do the job as well, but this was the first to come to mind.

If the link doesn't work: page 1162


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That clamp looks like a really good idea, the design looks like it wouldn't damage the rubber hanger at all. Maybe Uhaul would be willing to provide this for me? Does anyone know the diameter of that hanger bar (I don't have calipers), I imagine it is metric sizing as it took a 12mm socket to remove the other bar?
I wiggled my way under there tonight. I'd say it is 1/2",may actually be metric 12mm would be darn close, slightly smaller. Those collars are intended to clamp tight on the id , so the size when clamped will be slightly less than 1/2". I measured by wrapping a flex tape around the bar and figuring it from the circumference.

My 2cents, Drawtite may do nothing unless the consumers or Toyota says make the hitch narrower to reduce the chance of hitting the muffler. For now, they didn't have to make any new drawings, parts or tooling... So they are $$$ ahead selling a hitch that's been in production for 6+ years.
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It looks like Curt is at least one company that has made a "new" hitch for 2013.

2013 Installation Instructions, p/n 13149:

2012 Installation, p/n 13509: (Not super detailed)

Now have a look at the attached picture of the 2012 hitch and older from etrailer.
The muffler is at an angle pointed away from the rear of the bumper more to the side creating more space between the muffler and the receiver mounting plate. 2013 muffler is off to the side but basically parallel with the length of the Rav.

Prior to 2013, most hitches were really just copies of each other, so the Uhaul/Hidden Hitch/Drawtite would all mount just about like the 2012 Curt.

Now for 2013, Curt has a new part number, and it would appear from the directions that the mounting plate hugs the spare tire well much closer than it needed to in the past.

HOWEVER. Curt's instructions do not mention turning the damper bar, but a close look at the pictures in their instructions makes it look as if they did just that. Either way, it looks like Curt provides an alternative until Drawtite does something else.

As for putting the bikes inside, my 2cents:
For me the hydraulic brakes are a concern as mentioned.
My bikes get pretty damn dirty and I'm not willing to risk touching a wheel to the headliner or any other part, and blankets take up room.
Safety in an accident, it would take some pretty darn secure tethering to keep all that metal and aluminum off your back.
We go camping with the bikes and need the interior room for camping gear and passengers.


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From Hidden Hitch Tech Support:
"Upon some research I found 2 cases where the exhaust has been an issue and engineering is looking into a re-designed hitch.

Thank you for contacting the Technical Group

Cequent Performance Products"

I for one will hold off just a little longer before ordering the hitch, I don't need it quite yet. But I will by the time June is here. I have no problem using the clamp collar to limit the movement of the muffler hanger through the rubber mount. I did this last night with a regular hose clamp and there is still PLENTY of movement in the whole system between this point and the other hanger right near the rear differential. It would be nice not to have to add the clamp, But I think it is going to vary from each Rav to the next...and each hitch to the next.

Taroman: If you end up keeping your current hitch and using the damper rod to keep the muffler from hitting the hitch, I might suggest using very heavy walled heat shrink tubing if you are worried about the hose + duct tape holding up. There are even types with adhesive on the inside that would darn near guarantee it won't come off w/o cutting it off.
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I installed the new Curt hitch last night. Took under 20 minutes, didn't change anything on the muffler. There is at least 1" clearance everywhere. I will do the wiring when (or if :shrug:) we get a nice day here.
Glad to hear the install went well. If you get a chance would you mind posting where you ordered it from and pictures?

Still wish someone would have made a hitch that tucked the tube up a little higher out of sight from the rear. Though I'm not sure there's really enough room for that....but I can hope.:D:
fwiw, the 2" Curt hitch is also available on autoanything. Was able to order free same day shipping from supplier, new customer 15% off with Promo Code: WELCOME15, no sales tax outside of CA.

Never used them so just a FYI not a ad, just was the best deal I could find 146.15 delivered.
Thanks for the info, I've seen autoanything advertised here and there but never used them. And under 150 delivered is a darn good deal especially when amazon has the drawtite version for just over 150 with free shipping...I didn't think anyone would have a better deal. And the fact that the Curt doesn't have the same potential clearance issue that a couple people have had with drawtite it's an even better deal.

My bike rack is due at the end of the month from REI so I will probably lean towards the Curt from Autoanything now.
FedEx Shipping issues w/AutoAnything

Ordered the Curt Hitch from AutoAnything and got the discount mentioned previously for being a first time customer. It actually shipped out same day which was great, however they use FedEx Home Delivery and then suggest to you that you have it shipped to a business to make it easier. Ok fine. I do that all the time to my work. Now this may not happen to everyone, but FedEx in the Portland and surrounding areas is who this applies to. This has been the most incompetent shipping attempt I've ever seen. They first tired to deliver on a saturday (the day after I ordered it, kudos on speed!!) BUT Saturday is not a business day...we are closed. Re-delivery 2 more times came after 4pm when our recieving department is already done for the day...FedEx, UPS, they all know this...we get 2+ trucks a day from each company. And why the driver didn't walk over to the next building where people were clearly there, I have no idea. So now the hitch is being held and I'll pick it up my self.

Other areas of the country may not experience this issue, but the way the FedEx cust service explained it to me was that Home Delivery can not be sure they will make it before 6pm even though they know it is being shipped to a business. With any luck I may have the hitch by this weekend to install.:rolleyes: maybe...

Have the hitch now and plan on installing it over the weekend. Bike rack came the same day too, special order from REI, So the back of the Rav will be very full. But it's nice to see the Curt hitch comes packaged so well. Reviews on Amazon for the Drawtite one had people receiving the hitch with damage and little to no packaging around it. This one was drop shipped from a Curt location in Washington. Bike Rack is the Saris Cycle-On Pro 2.
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