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Tow Hitch

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FYI: The current hitches available for 4.3 and earlier model RAV's will NOT fit the '13 RAV. I have a Hidden Hitch Class 1 model 60808 on my '11 LTD. I was hoping to transfer it to my new RAV. Hidden Hitch did not have a model listed for the '13 RAV on their website, so I contacted them.
Here's their reply, verbatim:

"The 2013 RAV4 is a new build. The hitch and wiring are completely different. A hitch and wiring are being designed but are not available at this time. I do not have a projected date yet"
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The hitch is still not available in US. Since I'm only use the hitch as bike mount, I wonder if can buy the hitch from Toyota Canada and install on a US model?
Any other concerns?
Have you checked with any other manufacturers regarding when their aftermarket hitches will be ready?
Reese, U-Haul, Curt, Quadratec, etc? You can be sure that Toyota does not manufacture their own hitches.
I checked U-Haul, Curt and they don't know when it will be available.
I already paid deposit to buy the RAV4 and just now the dealer told me there is no tow hitch available in the market. But I need it to put the bike rack.
I read your post earlier that Toyota Canada do have the tow hitch but I'm not sure and no one can tell me if it fits the RAV4 in US.
The Canadian accessory tow hitch from Toyota will absolutely fit the US spec RAV4. There is no physical difference in the body or frame structure of any RAV4's built for the N. American market. The bumpers are also identical.
I don't know if the accessory tow hitch is available yet at Canadian dealers. i didn't ask, as I have no interest in spending over $1200 for a wired hitch that will only carry a bike rack. All you need to do is phone any Canadian Toyota dealer's parts dep't and ask for a price on the hitch uninstalled, in a box.
Thanks and I did call one of the dealer and he told me I can buy the tow hitch but they cannot guarantee that it fits.
Without installation, it cost $725 + tax but I need to have someone to go buy it and mail to US as they cannot accept order from US.
Did the parts dep't say it was available for immediate delivery?
If it is available now in Canada then it should be available in the US very shortly. It's the same hitch.
One of the dealer told me if I pay in the morning, they will have it available for pick up in the afternoon. I checked Toyota USA and they have no idea if they will have one and they told me before this only available for V6.

The after market one may be available by end of this month or next month but no guarantee.
Any one knows if the I can use a 2012 tow hitch on a 2013? Looks like Draw-Tile, Reese & UHaul are listing the same tow hitch for 2013.
I asked that of Hidden Hitch. They are not compatible. The '13 RAV frame is totally different.
$895 I was quoted by Toyota for a tow kit.
Is this OEM tow hitch?
The quote you got, is it from USA or Australia?
If it's from USA, can you tell me which dealer? As I was told the one from Toyota (USA) will not be available till end of the year.
I asked that of Hidden Hitch. They are not compatible. The '13 RAV frame is totally different.
Hmm...just took a look at Hidden Hitch website.
They also listing the same one for 2012 & 2013 :
Well, I emailed their tech support last week and they sent me a message back saying they would be working on a redesigned hitch for the '13, they didn't have an ETA production date, and the 4.3 hitches would NOT fit the 2013 RAV4. That's all I can tell you.
I believe you, just found it's weird that they list contradict information on their website.
I just purchased the curt hitch too. I paid 133 on ebay, really cheap compared to factory hitch. How the fit on your?
Fits good. Installed the bike rack last nite, looks good.
Next, need to search for the grille guard.
Did you need to reverse the wire rod on top of the muffler?
I did not install the tow hitch by myself, went to a hitch center to get it installed.
Tell us about your bike rack.
Kuat NV.
Didn't try it out yet, may be this weekend. But looks cool.
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