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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give an update. I have a 2015 LE. Installed a class II Curt hitch and Toyota factory wiring. I mainly pull a 8x6 mowing trailer, but purchased a 16 foot aluminum boat last fall. We have another tow vehicle for the boat, but sometimes it is unavailable and I use the Rav to pull the boat up to 15 miles away. All said, it weighs 2,000 pounds which is obviously over the recommended capacity. I am cautious when braking, specially since the LE has the unfortunate distinction of having the smaller brakes.

I have never had an issue and always tow in sport mode for the extra ‘oomph’, as well as putting the transmission in 5th.

Just wanted to drop in and say I am pleased with the Rav being up to the challenge when needed, although I would greatly like to see how the Adventure model measures up in comparison!
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