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Toyota C-HR is the younger sibling to a grown-up RAV4

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Bulk up the fenders, hide the rear door-handles, and throw on a set of massive tires. That's the basic design recipe behind the Toyota C-HR concept, a compact crossover that is big on the details - and equally large in importance to the entire Toyota brand.

Let's start with the boring stuff. Toyota has a very real need for a smaller crossover that is sized and priced beneath the existing RAV4. Rival automakers, such as Honda with the HR-V and Mazda with the CX-3, have all jumped into the booming market for shrinking SUVs/crossovers.
To have a car to sell in this segment, Toyota has concocted the concept you see here: the C-HR.

Now, to the fun stuff!

In terms of exterior flair, well, this Toyota pushes all the expected concept car buttons. Everything is pumped-up and exaggerated, from the swell of the fenders, to how the boomerang-shaped rear lights arc away from the car's body. This is also a four-door, though it's hard to tell seeing as Toyota designers hid the rear handles to give the C-HR a coupe-like design.

The strangest feature is the rear of the car, which tapers to something that looks like a conventional trunk tacked onto a crossover. It basically takes all the utility and function out of having a crossover vehicle in the first place. But come on, let's allow Toyota some fun here.

Add a more conventional back-end, tone down the rest of the styling, and you're looking at the production version of Toyota's upcoming compact crossover. Oh, and we forgot to mention this concept has a "hybrid" powertrain...we can never accuse Toyota of giving away too many secrets, that's for certain. The production model will have a 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed automatic gearbox, and most likely a choice of front or all-wheel-drive. That's standard fare for the segment but, remember, Toyota doesn't have anything in this realm of the market, so it doesn't need to rewrite the compact crossover rulebook.

Considering the RAV4's current base price, we peg the C-HR as starting around $19,000 for front-wheel-drive variants. Since Toyota could use a vehicle beneath the RAV4 as of, say, YESTERDAY, you can expect a production version of the C-HR to make an appearance in early-2016, at the Detroit or Geneva Auto Show.
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