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Fitzgerald Auto Mall - New and Used Cars, locations in FL, MD and PA

I have been using this site for years to see the best no -haggle deals on Toyota's. I go on today:

You will see FitzWay Low Prices posted on every car we have in stock. Because the FitzWay Low Price is typically below the minimum advertised price allowed by many manufacturers, we are increasingly being prohibited from posting our lowest price on our website.

Many manufacturers, likely influenced by complaints from competing dealers, currently restrict our practice of advertising our lowest price. More manufacturers have announced plans to do the same.

The FitzWay low price includes manufacturer or factory incentives available to those who qualify. You may be eligible for additional incentives. One of my associates will be contacting you to review that and provide any information you may require.

We really appreciate your cooperation in allowing us to comply with various manufacturer rules as well as our responsibilities to our ISO certified processes, which require we give our customers the lowest price the first time without any haggle or hassle. ISO certification has many benefits for consumers. We are the only ISO certified dealership group in North America.

We started posting prices over 25 years ago because so much of our business is with repeat and referral customers. Repeat and referral customers expect the lowest price the first time without the need to negotiate. As a matter of fact, we don’t even employ negotiators.

Remember our prices are full delivered and include the freight. Our process fees are substantially less than some of our competitors. You pay state tax where you register the vehicle, not where you buy.

If you want to see how much money you save the FitzWay, don’t tell our competition you’ve been to us, just see what their price is. Make sure it includes freight and any other compulsory extras.

We look forward to earning your business,

Jack Fitzgerald

So first they shut down Jerry now the Toyota dealers can't advertise prices on the net...
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