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Toyota Doing It Differently

By Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-In-Chief
Automotive Design and Production

That’s right. The company that is typically known for a relentless, methodical approach has done some things differently as it has developed the second-generation Yaris and the third-generation RAV4. There’s no getting into a rut for these guys. By Gary S. Vasilash, Editor-In-Chief (Automotive Design & Production)

A Developing Consistency.

The development of the underpinnings for the Yaris (platform, architecture or whatever else you care to call it: that which serves as the basis upon which the vehicle is built, with the visible attributes being those things that use it as the basis) took, says, Junichi Furuyama, chief engineer for the Yaris sedan, two years.

The development of the underpinnings of the '06 RAV 4 (ditto previous parenthetical explanation) took, says Kiyotaka Ise, RAV4 executive chief engineer, two years.

The upper portions for the Yaris (sedan and three-door, which are U.S.-available and a five-door, which is available in other markets, such as Europe, which won't be getting the sedan: apparently just as there is concern about trying to sell the five-door in the U.S., there are similar feelings as regards the sedan in Europe) and the RAV4 (globally available, but Ise says the U.S. market is far and away primary) required a year.

See a pattern developing at Toyota in terms of development time?

<More details in the full article -- tag teams between the RAV4 and the Yaris -- a good read!>

I first posted this linked to what I thought was an original Motor Trend article, but Just-Auto posted it three days earlier with a little more content and then I found the original at Automotive Design and Production, it only takes up one page and has a few accompanying photos. In short, I preferred this one and hope that Motor Trend hasn't resorted to plagiarism.

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two glaring mistakes - a. rav4 doesnt have center cluster, b. echo sales were special order only since scion came in, hence very low number sold....
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