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Hey guys,

I just bought a 2013 Rav4 LE AWD and am sprucing it up a bit. I installed some roof rails and a trailer hitch and am trying to install fog lights. I know there are several threads going in regards to how to properly wire the fog lights up but it doesn't seem there is a consensus on the best way to do it. I want it done right so that the lights turn themselves off automatically when I turn off the car and when the high beams are on. Does anyone know if I can find the proper wiring diagram for stock-installed fog lights on TIS?

My backup camera is also not working. When I put the car in reverse, nothing happens on my center display as if there is no signal for it to switch to the backup camera. I have checked that everything is plugged in but I would like some more information on the backup camera wiring. Would this be something found in TIS?

Thanks in advance.

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