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Here we go again:

Toyota recalls 400K RAV4s due to faulty windshield wipers

Toyota is recalling about 421,000 RAV4 vehicles because of potential corrosion in their windshield wipers could make them inoperable. The vehicles include model years ranging from 2009 to 2012 and about 2,500 vehicles from model years 2012 to 2014.

The company said Thursday that water dripping onto the windshield wiper link can cause corrosion over time and wear at the wiper link joint. This could cause the wiper link to separate from the wiper motor crank arm in some cases. If separated, the wipers could become inoperative.

Toyota said owners of vehicles involved in the recall will be notified by first class mail. The automobile maker's dealers will replace the water channel, wiper link and wiper motor crank arm with new ones.

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Yep - the first recall involving my '11 RAV. Shows on my Toyota Owners' page, but that notice also states that there is no remedy available at the present time. Does CNBC in JuneBug's link know something which Toyota doesn't know, or is the info on the Toyota Owners' site already out of date?

Also, this is aggravating since I just had the RAV at the dealer's ( 2 1/2 hour drive in each direction) for service yesterday (17th Sept. '15) and they didn't say anything about a recall.

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Yes, I saw that on the Toyota site as well. I opened the hood this morning. It had rained. Yep, the socket recess for the driver's wiper was filled with water and crud kinda holding in the water. Purged them both with WD40. Now I'm wondering if I should pack some heavy marine grease in there.
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