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Toyota reunites Marty McFly and Doc for a Mirai ad

The Back to the Future franchise is enjoying a boost in popularity thanks to a combination of the original film's 30th anniversary this year and that the sequel was partially set on Oct. 21, 2015. That date is special for Toyota because it's when the first Mirais will be delivered to customers in California. Clearly, the brand synergy is too good to pass up, so the Japanese automaker is reuniting Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to promote the futuristic, hydrogen fuel cell sedan.

A full video with the Back to the Future actors and the Mirai arrives on Oct. 21, too. In the meantime, you can get an early taste with the two guys talking about the film's futuristic tech in the short clip above. It comes off as two old buddies just shooting the breeze. Beyond reuniting the stars, Toyota has more Back to the Future festivities ready. The company will also reveal a Tacoma that's customized to look like the truck that Marty wants so badly in the first movie. The automaker has a party planned on Oct. 20 with a big celebration at midnight to inaugurate Mirai sales.

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The thing about the Mirai is that "it's only exhaust is water" but what I want to know is how that's going to work in bitter cold Northern states in the winter, where it's well below the freezing point of water for months on end.

I've looked online extensively for an answer to this question, and the only thing Toyota seems to have to say about it is that there's an "H2O" button on the dash which you can push that will dump collected water on-demand, for "when you're about to park in a freezing environment."

But otherwise, the thing will apparently dump water on the road whenever it needs to. So...these things will be dumping water on the road when it's far below freezing out, turning them slick with icy spots? Really?

And what, before I pull into my garage I should dump water on my driveway, turning it into a skating rink?

As nearly as I can tell, it's Toyota's dirty little secret about these ice making machines.

I wouldn't be surprised if some cold weather areas outlawed the use of these vehicles when the temperature is below freezing, in the interest of public safety.

At least, I hope they do, unless Toyota has a way to keep the Mirai (and other future hydrogen vehicles) from dumping water all over the road, and finds another way to dispose of the water. Perhaps heating it until it evaporates, or something.

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