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Hi Everyone,

Just want to drop a line in recommendation for (No, I don't work for them.) They're run by Mossy Toyota out of San Diego.

I just purchased a replacement bumper cap and other parts from them (the bumper cap being actual Toyota OEM and cheaper price than aftermarket schlock on eBay). They got the order perfect and the prices are very, very good. Their website also has broken down schematics so that you can order the exact part you are looking for by seeing an actual picture of that part.

I highly recommend you add them to your links list.

I give them a good endorsement because I ordered wiper refills from Brandsport once and they got them all wrong and sent me ones that were way off. I was going to order from Brandsport again recently and found their website and wiper list to be catastrophically awful. added the wipers to my bumper order (after the fact) .... plus, they got the sizes right the first time!

So, if you're looking for good service and prices, go there.
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