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I recently emailed Toysport regarding the turbo charging of the 3SFE engine. This was there answer:

Answer below;

do not waste time on this unless the engine has correct pistons

go straight to a full 3sgte connversion
packages start at $2750

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From: angel maldonado
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Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 9:52 AM
Subject: Need Help Big time, PLEASE HELP

I'm on my way to turbo charge a 1997 Toyota 3SFE engine RAV4. Have you or anyone that you know ever turbocharged a 3SFE RAV4 engine that you know of. I'm herein a lot of horror stories. Do you have parts for this setup? I've invested a large some of money.I don't want to fall short at the end.


i've already asked them "What Pistons, and how much?" I'm waiting for thier answer. Stay tuned

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All and all it's your choice to make.... Talk to AVO or the other companies who make kit's for the RAV and they will give you a different answer....
You already know my opinion and experience... It's your final decision to make.... but in the end, remember that YOU were the one that made the choice...
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