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OK, getting away from the debate wars... some useful info:

You know a roof-top carrier like X-cargo, Thule, etc... will realy hurt your gas mileage. Check out this little trailer to haul you extra luggage...all nice and dry and following within the slipstream of your RAV.

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That is the PERFECT size for an all-around trailer IMHO:



The Pulmore is a little light in the cargo capacity though. You could carry camping gear without trouble, but you won't get many sacks of concrete mix into that little guy ;) A big advantage of that, however, is it will ride really easy without heavy cargo, so it won't beat up your bikes on pot-holed forest roads. Matching the spring rate to cargo load is very important.

Does any know the base price?

When I get a RAV4 V6 Ltd I plan to pull my trailer occasionally..... but not all that often.

John Davies
Spokane WA

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Before I scare some budget minded folks away: the lowest cost alternative is a small utility trailer $169 that you mount a plywood floor on.

Or a nicer small metal-mesh floor lawn mower carrier can be had for $250-$350 depending on the size. You tie down to it a large rubber-maid type container for thing you don’t want to get wet...and still have room for bikes or what ever.

Now, I did a quick search and found one retailer listing the base Pulmor for around $2,000 with free shipping.

If that sounds high, remember a Yakima roof top carrier will cost $300-$400 plus mounting hardware. But, they only give you half the cargo volume. I think the Pulmor is 28.5 cu. ft. versus an average 16 cu. ft. Yakima box. And, you lose the ability to mount bikes and skis when you put a box on top. It a depends on your needs and budget.

But John, looks like you use a utility trailer PLUS a roof top box! We Americans love to take a lot of stuff on vacation! Great photo!

Btw- here is another utility trailer manufacture that does more with custom painting and style.
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