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Sometimes I wonder if these forums cause me to do too much work on my vehicles. :confused:

But most times, they are great! Case in point, via another thread, I was reminded to change my 4.1's transfer case and rear differential fluids. It likely has been almost 40,000 miles and 13 years since I did them when I bought this one in late summer 2003. The 4.1 is driven gently and is garaged so I wasn't worried about the condition of the fluid, but it was definitely time.

The rear differential's fluid was the worst, but was still serviceable. The transfer case's fluid looked as if it could go another 40,000 miles!

Both drain plugs were magnetic and needed cleaning, especially the rear's. No chunks of metal, fortunately, just light grey mush. The 3/8 inch drive 10 mm hex key / allen socket was definitely challenged in getting the plugs out; wish I had a 1/2 inch drive version.

After reading the FSM's fluid specs, and reading several Google-found articles, I decided to go with Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil (GL-3/4/5 rated). The rear diff seemed to take a little more than a quart, and the transfer case well less than a quart. So even with the cup that ended up on the floor :crying, two quarts were plenty for the job.
All done; drove nicely this afternoon.
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