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So, it was leaking oil at the front of my driveshaft.
I decided to fix it, and to make a guide (pdf file) to make it easier for others who want to fix this themselfs. Also changed the fluid in the rear differential at the same time, this is also included in the guide.

I have a RAV4 2002 4WD Manual with the 1AZ-FE engine.
Other engines and models should be similar.

Guide is in pdf format, and include
- pictures with descriptions
- step by step, tips and tricks
- part numbers
- what you need of tools
and so on.

Download link is below. I cant attach it to the post because the limit is 1,9 MB.
Also remove the space in the link for it to work. I am not allowed to post links or pictures with my post count, so have to do it this way.

Download (8,8 MB) or view it without download:
https:// .com/file/d/0Bw61z9UWWBulZlJ1aksyNThKRHc
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