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This is for a 2004 RAV4 4WD Automatic

It's been discussed a lot in various threads but never found good pictures of the Transfer Case and Rear Differential drain and fill plug locations so I tried taking some today. Also took some of the Transmission drain and dipstick too.

Let me know if I got any of these wrong. Thanks.

Rear Differential - Drain plug (rear driver side wheel in background)

Rear Differential - Fill plug (rear driver side wheel in background)

Transfer Case (from below) -
Drain plug (gray vertical hex, lower and center)
Fill plug (rusty horizontal hex, lower and slightly left of center)

Transfer Case - Fill plug (from rear)

Transfer Case (from front passenger wheel) -
Drain plug (facing camera)
Fill plug (facing left, towards rear of car)

Transmission - Drain plug

Transmission - Dipstick

Transmission - Dipstick label

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