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Underbody Neons

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Hey guys just wondering how Underbody neons look on our cars and if they do look pretty good what type should i go with.
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Im thinking of getting some underbody neons in the future (since theya re still legal in our state). I;m sure they look cool, one of the guys on the rav4oz forum from Perth has some blue neons and I saw him zooming down the street one day, looked cool 8)

Im thinking of going in for the LED type underbody lighting as they can be configured to do all sorts of stuff instead of just staying ON all the time.

Of course, this will be available from our shop :D

Will post some pics when I finally go ahead with the mod :roll:

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Lucky you. Though I'd find it hard to imagine what would happen if neon were legal here in CA. It'd be like the Las Vegas strip every weekend night. Wondering if I should get neons myself just for extra softroading lighting? Imagine a Rav4 doing a bit of rally cross on a rutted, muddy dirt track with neons?

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Slayer said:
Nice ride although with all the mods and accessories in the inside and those 18" rims on the outside, your car does indeed seem to be screaming for a bodykit. And maybe a little wet spray. :wink:
Yes I want a body kit, but all the body kits for 01-03 are way to expensive, I still waiting for a good job so I can pay one or a less expensive kit.

I didnt understand the wet spray? :?:

Thanks for the comment anyway

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oh ok! thanks

But I dont think ravs are for running. still I want the body kit

Thats why Im getting a scion tc later this year. That would be my next project, I havent buy it yet and Im allready planing the mods and the kits

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My kit is the StreetGlow OPTX, came with 2 tubes of 30" front and back, and 2 tubes of 48" sides. Other kits have 36" instead of 30". But I like mines I have them for 2 years almost 3, and it have lifetime warranty.

I don't recommend the kits that sell in ebay, that don't have brand. My best friend got one, and the second day on of tubes broke. And there was no warranty.

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Jeff said:
It's no worse than wiring up a set of driving lights...
Now that I can do 8)

What about mounting points, where do the neons mount exactly on the undercarriage, are there special places in which they need to be mounted?

If I am to mount them myself, what do I use to kold them in place? metal zipties or something? Just dont want them to come apart on the freeway hehe :p

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I have neon installed by myself. It took about 4 hours for all the wiring. and etc.
Basically when you buy a neon kit, it comes with these "CLIPS" and Screws" where you need to drill holes to your undercarrage of your car, Since most of the undercarrage is a thin sheet of metal so it wont be too hard. and these clips would be on the car and put the neon tubes in the so called clips. IT WONT FALL OFF !!! mine after 3 years no Problem, i do some offraoding and gets muddy, soo just hose it down and wipe it clean once in a while for it to shine.

If your really into cars, this is a 3 / 5 difficulty level project. Since it does require some sense about how a car is built, and where / where not to DRILL. and lie down your wires under the car.

If anyone is around San Jose, NORTH CALIFORNIA. need to do neons I'll help you do them free !!! :D

check out my neons. on cardomain

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Alright guys i have a side note to this subject. I was wondering if its possible to wire neons on the inside to turn on when you open the doors. But still have a switch to either have them on or when you open the doors.

Is this possible and how do you do it.

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