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Dear all,

Moderators: This topic is related to the following thread. Not sure if i should have included it there.

I followed the steps included in the thread above to remove the front bumper cover (sort of). I wanted to do body work (painting) on the driver side front fender and wanted to separate it from the bumper.

I removed the bolts/screws on the driver side of the bumper and along the way, "a screw enclosed in plastic housing" part came off. I'm pretty sure it's associated with the removal of the driver side part of the bumper somehow.

I've no idea where this piece comes from. Based on the schematic of front bumper from the thread above, it doesn't appear to be a piece associated with the front bumper. Does anyone know?

Attached below are pictures, and here are the dimensions.

Diameter of screw=0.5cm
Diameter of screw with plastic = 1.2cm

I've driven 10kms so far but worried i'll be doing the "flinstones" one day if i don't address this.

Thank you in advance for your attention.


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