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I never provided an update to what I wrote in 2018 about this very difficult issue we had with our '96 RAV4, so here it is.


Starts and runs just fine when cold. We did this yesterday and drove about 10 miles. Then stopped for gas, when we noticed some leaking during fill up. After fill up, the car immediately started acting up... pressing on the gas pedal brought the rpm up to about 2,000, then the engine had a mind of its own, ... up to 2,000, then drops down, repeat. all the while gas pedal in same position. Only by turning off the car was I able to then try again and barely made it back over to our mechanic. Symptom is like engine is not getting gas properly. When it gets in this funky state, I can barely drive the car... can sometimes get the rpms up enough and limp along. My mechanic is stumped by all this.


We took the car to a very good mechanic, and he couldn't figure this out. He suspected an issue with the computer. The car sat for a long time with another good mechanic, who finally figured out what was wrong, after replacing a bunch of parts, including MAP sensor, fuel injectors, fuel pump. The culprit was corroded wires inside the wiring harness, which apparently has A LOT of wires in it. Also, rats had peed on the computer, so he replaced the computer. When these final issues were fixed, the engine started running like a charm again.

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